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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by civilian75, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. civilian75

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    ... if you do not like the topic discussion, just do what I do, move freaking on. Is that so freaking hard?!?! Why waste time, energy, getting all worked up by a topic you don't like or even find offensive? That's what I do with threads I don't care for. Never shed a drop of sweat over it.

    I was used to read/follow 10 to 20 threads in a slow day at work, or at home when had nothing better to do. I've been very active at times starting threads on occasion. But lately, I've been away from NWFA quite a lot mostly because I lost interest, not in firearms, but in sharing my thoughts here. I am a Christian Gun Owner, in that order. My interests in firearms is very much secondary to my interest in all things related to my relationship with God (Father, Son and Spirit). I won't apologize.

    For years I tried to compartmentalize the two, but I no longer feel like it. On the "Land of the Free" were p0rn is considered protected speech, I am finding myself muzzled more and more everywhere I try to respectfully express my thoughts, in specific, what most people would call "religious" beliefs. After a while I got tired of walking on eggshells.

    I reluctantly "agreed" to what I felt were unfair user terms, to have a chance to discuss firearm related topics, I observed how almost everyone can "get away with murder" openly sharing and discussing their opinions about their worldviews, which, is nothing but another way of discussing their religion. It just so happens these religions are not "Christian-like". The muzzle is in practice, only applicable to Christian related "off-topic" topics. I got increasingly disillusioned by the double standard.

    Will I continue to participate? Yes, but do I feel part of the NWFA community, motivated to attend to get togethers, etc? No. Will I remain a financially contributing member? Should I?

    I would certainly welcome a change in forum rules. I insist there is nothing intrinsically wrong, disrespectful, uncivil about religious off-topics. Threads and posts should not be blocked or closed as long as the content meet all other forum rules. Ability to remain civil should be the individual posters' responsibility.

    Why throw away the baby with the wash water?

    If you are a contributing member and you agree with this...hint, hint, wink, wink.
  2. Caveman Jim

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    Civilian75 and S. W., I agree with you both that something is taken away in the forums we have grown to like, interest wise. I guess I found out the hard way to learn the rules of this board (my fault totally) but belong to many others who welcome a good debate if warranted and civil.

    It's too bad that people in this NOW society have to put their non contributing opinion on a topic just to be negative (thinking, I'm really gonna piss this guy off) and name calling. No matter what the topic is, if they would do as you mentioned, just walk away, life would be better for us all. Thank you for the civil thoughts.
  3. BoonDocks36

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    @ Caveman Jim... Do not dispair!!!

    Post as your concious dictates, and if your concious listens, and hears, the Holy Spirit, POST!!!!

    I belong to another forum, run by a self stated Pastor. But the forum, is about survial preperations.... On the Forun, are many sub-forums, including, like this forum, a Private Forum, for women. Why? Because the bubblegum men, generally treat the woman interested in the main topics, like idiots!!!

    They have another ~special~ sub forum, for the memembers who pass a test, if you will... What is posted in there, is so different, than their general forums !!!! But what is most interesting, is when a Non-Christian, enters the Chapel, and tries to ask a Non Christian question, and then gets MAD, because they are told No, not in here!!!!

    Only about 5-6 % of the members were True Christians. Yes, that is a judgement call!!! I remember a line in a Book that says by their fruits you will know them. Calls for discernment. Also known as Judgement!!!!

    So, and this might b interesting to you.... I NO LONGER POST THERE!!!!!!!

    Why? Because One member gets away with Not Following the stated rules. And one night, when that person posted a long anti LEO diatribe, that Included a graphic suggesting to sniper at SWAT teams, I called the poster OUT on it, spoke about which Rule was violated (grieviously violated, I might add) And the Result, was a back post (E-Mail) to me, that I was now on my LAST CHANCE to remain a member, and I absolutely could not post contradictory posts like calling the member out!!!!

    My E-Mail back was I would no longer participate in such an unbalanced forum.... The owner had been absent from the website, for personal reasons... I was told I could write him, and see what he had to say, I choose Not to bother him due to his personal issues of the moment.

    I was very active there, I still lurkthere, I see the same dufas posting the sme dumb stuff, but, I realized, I could not fix it.

    Our world, is changing... Like the Elves in Lord of the Rings, some of us are leaving....

    Those who stay behind, will be seeing more discrepancy in the future, it is how it is...

    I read that, in a Book as well, so do not be discouraged... Remember, you are not alone.


    In the Boondocks, speaking his mind, one day at a time, Sweet Jesus....
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