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Over the years, I've seen a small number of Civil Defense marked firearms. A handful were obviously newly made items with the logo slapped on them, but many were vintage and appear to be genuine. The few that come to mind were revolvers (mainly Victory model .38s) and shotguns.* I've read that there was a program to surplus out firearms after the war to local law enforcement agencies, though I'm still looking into specifics. I've also read on more than one source that there were M1 Garands supplied to fallout shelters, including a citation from the GCA Journal, but I have less details on if this was an actual thing or simply lore.

Would any know of the story of firearms marked, stored, supplied, or otherwise handled under the auspices of The Department of Civil Defense? If so, how, what, when, and where? Would you have any source material I could read?


* Here's a couple examples of what I mean.


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Very cool and interesting thread. Love that shotty! I have the military version with the ordnance stamps on it. I wish I had CD version to keep it company.

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