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News Release from Clark Co. Sheriff's Office
Posted on FlashAlert: June 11th, 2020 7:58 AM

With Clark County’s approval to move to Phase 2 of the Safe Start Washington plan, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office has resumed public Fingerprinting and Concealed Pistol License (CPL) services. CPL services are available to applicants residing in Clark County or in another state. Fingerprinting services are available to Clark County residents only.
Fingerprinting and CPL services will be provided by appointment only to minimize the health safety risk due to COVID-19.
For more information, go to the Sheriff’s website at Clark County Sheriff under the Community Information tab. To schedule an appointment call 564-397-2211.
As an out of stater, I can go to any law enforcement agency to turn in my WA CPL application and am hoping to find a quick and easy one not far from Hayden Island, North Portland Or. Clark Cty is booking appointments for 11/30, Vancouver Police closed to public for time being due to covid, said to check back in a week. Anyone know of any other city agencies or counties close by who I can get into sooner?
Cowlitz County (Longview) had my non-resident permit in my hands in 9 days!!! that was about a year ago before all of the covid bullbubblegum, I don't know what they are running currently. Last time I went to Clark county I believe it was 45-60 days. Just my not very recent experience.
^^^ Beat me to it. Contact them first to see how it's going, but they have always been efficient in the past.

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