Article and FDIC document on securing US and UK banks

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    Now OLE DUM DUM, thinks the gooberment has the right to tell a person how much money they can have in their retirement account, remember people the nanny knows best.

    Obama budget to take aim at wealthy IRAs - The Hill's On The Money


    Ok now who wants to buy my Arizona swamp land or the chunk of desert I have Louisiana. I also have a waterfall in NY for sale if anyone is interested. Hey that felt good to talk out both ends at once, dang and I thought only Ole bummer or Carney do that.
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    Sinclair has been spot-on for over a decade...

    Ms. Lagarde will be remembered as having ruined all the work Bernanke has done to keep us out of the economic stone age at the time of the first meltdown in the quadrillion plus of fraudulent OTC derivatives.

    Yes, Bernanke did that but at what cost?

    Thanks to the inept hubris of the IMF we are now going to witness the cost of the loss of confidence by major depositors in the Western world banking system. Ms. Lagarde has trashed the trillions injected into the system to maintain confidence of mega depositors now on the run.

    If they are on the run you should be too.

    Ms. Lagarde will be remembered in history for her accomplishments as an Olympic swimmer for the French, and not as a monetary or market savvy.


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