Anyone want to send some jerky to the troops?

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by jdogg, Aug 3, 2014.

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    Hello fellow NW'ers. I have been chatting with a fellow on another site that was trying to find affordable jerky to send to a family member who is being deployed. The consensus is that it is enjoyed immensely overseas, but at $25/lb (the cheapest I could find online) it is cost prohibitive. Then I had an epiphany... or at least what I feel is a good idea after 5 or 6 beers (although to be fair, I have had some really terrible ideas after this much beer as well...hopefully this works out better than my marriage/tattoos). Here it is:

    I have a larger smoker and usually end up with some leftover meat in the freezer when the new season starts, and I bet some of you do as well. I have been giving it friends but just thought that I might start making jerky out of it and sending it to some cats I know who will be deployed. Buying good seasoning in bulk is very affordable (I use the Nesco packs off of Amazon) - $20 worth of seasoning would probably do a couple deer - so theoretically it would cost nothing but time.

    Anybody else have any interest in something like this? I can do a couple extra pounds a year and I bet a bunch of other people do as well, either by volunteering time to smoke or extra meat. If anyone is interested around Salem, I have a bunch of seasoning and a smoker you could borrow.
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    Winco has cheap bulk jerky...good too
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    My question is is why are you marrying your tattoos.
    Just funning with you:D

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