Antis head for new low in gun protest

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Dave Workman, Apr 24, 2013.

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    i love how people protest the nra then turn around and support the susan cole foundation. as if the members of the nra and not actual people. it is how they have the political sway that they have by the way.
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    back in the early 90's when a couple anti gun groups tried to get a bill passed in Oregon that would have ended NFA weapons in the state. They used photos of gorry gun shot wounds to show how terrible these firearms were and how they had to be stopped.

    Only trouble was as they handed the photos around the hearing room trying to make people sick a couple of us turned the photos over and just like in the song "Alices Resturant" right there on the back it said what the phots were about.

    And every one of them was a Handgun wound caused by a police officers firearm shooting a bad guy. WELL NOW AIN'T THAT SPEICAL???

    The reason they weren't from NFA type weapons was that none of the cops or doctors or anyone else had a single photo showing a wound from a NFA type weapon.

    The bill failed to get out of commitee.

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