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Copy paste from another forum:

You may have noticed it for yourself or heard it through the grapevine: eForm 4 approvals have gotten FAST. Gone are the days of waiting 9 months+ for your suppressor to actually be approved and out of jail. The ATF has made changes to eForm transfers that have brought wait times down to just a few weeks — sometimes even just a few days or hours! And it's here to stay.

A huge part of this is due to the American Suppressor Association (ASA) and their efforts to meet with the ATF. Thank you to the ASA for the amazing part they played in this exciting change! For more info on the reduced eForm approval times.

Changes in basic processing methods are responsible for the rapid decrease in Form 4 processing times. While paper forms will always be accepted, the NFA transfer process has been optimized to more efficiently process electronic applications. With roughly 96% of all NFA applications submitted electronically, this means more can be processed in a shorter period of time.

Perhaps the most impactful change is ATF's departure from the "First In, First Out" approach. Rather than waiting for applications to be approved sequentially, NFA now focuses on approving applications as soon as the applicant's background check has received a NICS "proceed". Around 70% of background checks receive an instant "proceed" from the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The remaining 30% are "delayed" or "denied".

"Delayed" background checks require further investigation by the FBI-NICS team to ensure the applicant can legally procure a firearm. Delays are often resolved in a matter of moments, but with NFA applications, the delay can sometimes take months. That is because NFA items are not subject to the three business day statutory window outlined by the Brady Act. In other words, the FBI does not have to process delayed NICS checks for NFA items as quickly as they do for Title I guns (rifles, pistols, shotguns). It is important to note that NFA examiners do not process these background checks; the FBI does.
Gone are the days of waiting 9 months+ for your suppressor to actually be approved and out of jail.
Unless you are on a trust. It is important to note that all of this is only for individual transfers. Trust transfers are still on the old schedule, so STBY for anyone (like me) who manages NFA items that way.

Yes, you could buy your NFA item as an individual and then transfer it to a trust later. This lets you possess it now while you wait for the trust transfer to process. But that will cost you two $200 transfer fees, one as the individual and one to the trust.

Overturn the NFA, it is the only rational solution.
Hope yours comes with the quickness!
I just picked up THREE suppressors today! Submitted all three on Tuesday at 3pm through SilencerShop, as an individual. Received the ATF approval for all three at the same time - at 6:45am this morning!!!

So that would be 1 day, 15 hours, and 45 minutes from submitting the Form 4 to the approval email with stamp!!

Incredible times! Have purchased 6 suppressors in the last two weeks . . .


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