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Tumbler may refer to:

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  1. Crohnos01

    Stainless steel tumbler or ultrasonic?

    I am finding that my sinuses don't like the vibratory media dust when I go to separate my casings from the media. I wear a mask, but that's an annoyance. Additionally, the vibratory doesn't clean the inside of the brass, which is another annoyance... I am starting to dream about...
  2. BlackdogGS

    Tumbler media questions

    I have a tumbler with walnut polish media in it. I just put 100 decaped 308 shells in it. The last time I used this was close to 40 years ago and I can't remember how long I should let it tumble. Any idea? Also I noticed some are using stainless rods as media. I need something for cleaning...
  3. PiratePast40

    Frankford arsenal rotary tumbler

    Cabela's Black Friday Ad 2016, Sale & Deals These have been discussed several times but some people were a little put off by the price. They will have them on sale for $129 starting on black Friday. The prices are good through the 30th. I've had one for several years and it does a great job.
  4. Dyjital

    Review: Frankford Arsenal Platinum Tumbler

    A couple of years ago I was using a Harbor Freight (Chicago Electric) lapidary drum to clean the brass that I was using. While I have absolutely zero complaints from that machine (I had the dual drum), I was finding that my ability to process quantities of brass lacked.... and lacked. Fast...
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