A suppressor mutation is a second mutation that alleviates or reverts the phenotypic effects of an already existing mutation in a process defined synthetic rescue. Genetic suppression therefore restores the phenotype seen prior to the original background mutation. Suppressor mutations are useful for identifying new genetic sites which affect a biological process of interest. They also provide evidence between functionally interacting molecules and intersecting biological pathways.

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  1. Felman

    The Almighty 1911 - Newbie Questions / Suppressor Host

    Alright as the title suggests, my personal knowledge on the 1911 platform is very little but I'm starting to get itchy and want one. There's a few requirements I have and I'm hoping the hive mind here at NWF's can help expand my already limited knowledge :) Requirements: - Has to be .45 ACP -...
  2. H2O MAN

    S&W 422

    My father, may he rest in peace, purchased this little gem in 1988 and I inherited it... a unique design feature of the 422 was the fact that the barrel resided in a low position in the frame just above the trigger guard. The barrel is non-moving and fixed to the frame. It came threaded from the...
  3. etrain16

    Good .45acp Carbine under $1K for Suppressor Host?

    By this time next year, I plan to have a Silencerco Hybrid in hand. One of the guns I'd like to suppress is a .45 acp carbine. Problem is, I seem to be having trouble finding anything that really fits the bill, at least nothing under $1K that's decent quality. Looking for something semi-auto...
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