WTS OR 2x Stoner stripped uppers w/forward assist & dust covers

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    I recently purchased these 2 new Stoner uppers here on the forum to build a couple new uppers but
    Decided to buy complete uppers instead.
    They are both new and come with forward assist and dust covers.
    $65ea + shipping via paypal or face to face in Oregon city.

    01B17E7D-93B8-4038-A83A-4F2D5FD38B05.jpeg 9EF488AD-CCB6-45AE-BBB1-BA4A9708DC20.jpeg 53660770-E7CC-4E89-AD4C-C8CF53740EA0.jpeg 0ABE974E-B0E0-4035-90C7-5EA76EAD64AA.jpeg

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