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9mm brass

9mm P.A. (Pistole Automatik, German for "automatic pistol"), 9×22mm or 9mm P.A.K. (Pistole Automatik Knall, "automatic blank pistol") is a firearm cartridge for a non-lethal gas pistol noisemaking gun. Caliber 9mm P.A. includes various blank, gas or rubber ammunitions made for different use.
9mm P.A. Blank has also been used for theatrical purposes, including as a modification to muzzle-loading firearms, allowing early-modern muskets and the like to be fired on-stage without the actors learning the complex steps of loading with loose powder.

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  1. Lasers

    New 115gr 9mm Brass cased - 100 round box - $25 - 9 available

    Have to fund a car repair and ammo goes before firearms do. I have 9 unopened boxes of Herter's 9mm. Had never tried it before, but after watching a few reviews on Youtube I figured it looked good. Ran perfect through my Shield. $25 per box of 100 rounds, 9 available Only trades I'd...
  2. BamBam

    Clean 9mm Brass

    Fired, but clean 9mm brass $20 per 500 count bag. 3,000 pieces of brass avalible. All random manufactures. Will ship on buyers dime. No Trades.
  3. CLT65

    9mm Brass

    I have a bunch of 9mm brass for sale. My sons and I pick it up at the range, sort it by caliber and toss out any junk or questionable brass. It's mixed range brass, mostly U.S. commercial headstamps. I can't guarantee all once-fired, but I'm sure most of it is, and I scrap anything I wouldn't...
  4. JohnH

    9MM Brass, Fully Processed and Ready 2 Load

    I have matching head stamp indoor range pickup brass that is probably 95% once fired. These cases have been sized and de-primed, tumbled in stainless steel media, dried in dehydrator, sorted by head stamp, final inspection and counted. UPDATE 4/12-SEE BELOW FOR NEW LISTING OF WHAT IS CURRENTLY...
  5. Helocat

    2500+ 9mm Brass prep done tonight

    Tonight's goal was to run one full batch of brass. Headstamp sorted, I ran my Speer tonight just over 2500 worth. The process was: Sort range brass by headstamps Wash by headstamp, no media just a squirt of a car wash in the wet tumble. Dry in dehumidifiers. ($48 each delivered from Home...
  6. M

    9mm Brass

    9mm brass- mixed head stamps- cleaned in corncob/walnut media 12-15k available. $16 per 1,000 plus shipping via USPS Flat Rate based on quantity.
  7. coyote223

    9mm brass, what do you think happened?

    Was picking up brass in the woods today, came across this little gem,,,
  8. Nicholi2789

    Sorted 9mm brass!

    Hey guys, Looking for some sorted 9mm brass. Don't care what headstamp really as long as it's sorted. Winchester, Blazer preferred though. Will pickup and pay cash or offer trades. Thanks!
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