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The Mounts is a small hamlet, containing only 17 houses, situated on the A381 road between Totnes and Kingsbridge in Devon, England. It is part of the parish of East Allington, and lies about one mile away from the main village. Although The Mounts' postcode indicates it to be part of Totnes, it in fact lies much nearer to Kingsbridge.
Historically, The Mounts was on the border of the area which was evacuated during World War II so that secret rehearsals for the D-Day landings ("Exercise Tiger") could be carried out, using Slapton Sands. Properties on the east side of the A381 were evacuated, whereas properties on the west side were allowed to remain occupied. It was in St. Andrew's Church, East Allington, that the announcement of the evacuation of the area was made, on 12 November 1943.

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  1. Koda

    setting rifle sling mounts

    Old rifle sling mounts seemed to have turned a bit over the years. Is there a proper way to set the sling mounts so the sling is straight with the stock?
  2. shotgun

    Wood Duck / Teal Mounts ....

    For Sale … Lighted Vintage Cabinet … PLUS 2 Wood Ducks mounts and 1 Teal mount that go with the cabinet FREE . I am told they were made in the late 1950’s / early 1960’s … I had them looked at by a guy in Aroura that has a shop and deals with mounts .. He put a value on them at $800.00...
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