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  1. H

    Paris Police officer carrying APC9?

    Paris Police I linked to the article from today, but is this police officer in Paris carrying a B&T APC9?
  2. Chee-to

    International  Snipers taking out protestors in Paris ??

    "Oh bubblegum, looks like Snipers are taking out protestors in Paris. Do they think this will do anything but anger the people more?" ʄųɧཞ on Twitter
  3. T

    Portland's Homeless camps look like Paris Migrant Camps.

    Paris Authorities Begin Destroying Migrant Camps after Calais Closure Not funny.
  4. meener777

    Paris attack firearm was a Fast/Furious gun?

    From Judicial Watch: Law Enforcement Sources: Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks Came from Phoenix - Judicial Watch (http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2016/06/law-enforcement-sources-gun-used-paris-terrorist-attacks-came-phoenix/) "One of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist...
  5. Dave Workman

    Rocker suggests guns for all after Paris attack

    ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ rocker Hughes suggests guns for all after Paris attack The lead rocker for the band playing at Bataclan in Paris last Nov. 13 when terrorists launched an attack that killed 130 people in multiple locations is making headlines today by observing in a tearful interview...
  6. Joe Link

    Donald Trump says tough gun control laws in Paris contributed to tragedy

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