1. Crohnos01

    Sights for a GP100

    I am not a huge fan of the factory sights on my GP100. In doing a little reading, it seems I am not alone. Does anyone else have experience in changing to aftermarket sights and/or recommendations on what would be a good alternative for old eyes outside of a scope? Thanks
  2. Howard1955

    Looking For GP100 Custom Grips

    Im looking for some cowboy-style grips for my GP100. Anybody know where they can be bought? Or who might make them? Color or material of the grips is less important to me than the shape. Looking for that flared-out bottom, something along this line:
  3. WAYNO

    Ruger GP100 ...22LR

    Of course, I couldn't buy this at any local dealers, so I had to order it online. Another lost sale for the local gunshops since they wont think outside the box.o_O I picked up this gun from my FFL today, and I am pleased. I immediately replaced the original grips with the Compacts, and for...
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