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Protech Motorsport Limited is a UK-based company specialising in the manufacture of racing engines and engine components. Managing Director (and ex. Cosworth Sales Engineer) Jeremy Scott formed the company in September 2008 with the aim of producing complete engines and replacement components for Cosworth engines such as the YB, DFV, DFR etc. Since 2009, Protech Motorsport has been developing the Cosworth XD (a former Indy-car engine) for use in naturally aspirated form for customers that race in various series such as Euroboss and BOSS GP, as well as UK and European hillclimb. The project codenamed XD3 sees the original 2.65-litre engine increased in capacity up to 3.2 litre. Future development plans are to further increase the capacity to 3.5 litre, as well as the possibility of producing a newly manufactured cylinder block/crankcase.
Other projects include the remanufacture of a new revised cast-iron cylinder block for the Ford Sierra and Escort RS Cosworth YB engine. Codenamed 200R, the new unit is based on a production "200" block and will be made from a stronger SG Iron, with additional material added to "key" areas such as the cylinder bore walls and crankcase. A small number of blocks will also be manufactured with a 14 mm taller deck for use with longer-stroke crankshafts. As of January 2011 the project is at the casting tooling production stage, with the first article due in March. Finished blocks are expected in summer 2011.

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