An OTF Knife, also known as an out-the-front knife, sliding knife, or telescoping knife, is a pocketknife with a blade that opens and closes through a hole in one end of the handle. Contrast this with the majority of knives, which are either standard folding knives or are "fixed blade" sheath knives (having no mechanical operation).
"OTF" only refers to the basic portion of the knife's mechanical operation where the blade slides parallel with the handle to deploy.
OTF knives may be further subdivided into manual sliding knives, which are not restricted as inertia knives, and automatic OTF switchblade knives and gravity knives, which are restricted offensive weapons (white weapon).
Switchblades and gravity knives provide a great variety of different OTF mechanisms.

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  1. J

    Horizon Outdoor OTF Knives

    Hi All: I am an older (65) knife guy who has been into autos for at least 25 years but only been into the OTF knives for 10 years or so. I have spent from $700+ for custom Microtechs to the cheap Lightnings knives from China. My favorite is the MT scarab but about 6 months ago a knife friend of...
  2. Deacon

    Quality OTF in the $200 range?

    Does such a knife exist? I have been searching for a nice otf that won't break the bank. The Microtech I like is about $450 and I'm just not interested in paying that much. I have looked at a number of others that are around $100 or less and they seem like cheap junk to me. So is there any...
  3. C

    I have a Schrade "assisted opening" OTF with an AUS8 steel blade.

    It isn't the handiest OTF knife, but it is okay. I was thinking of obtaining some of their less expensive steel (4116) side-opening autos. At $25.00 it isn't an expensive knife, and the steel works fairly well. If it breaks, it can be replaced without many tears being shed. Opinions?
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