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  1. jordanka16

    Walther CCP M2 $299 Some negative reviews about rural king in general online, but the guns side seemed ok, most of the complaints are about slow shipping. This is about $100 less than anyone local so I took a chance and ordered one, we...

    Like new Walther CCP

    I have a grey Walther CCP that I've put about 50 rounds through. It has been sitting in my safe for about 3 months now with no use, just needs a quick oil down and it's good to go. It includes 2 mags, custom appendix rig, 300 rds, cleaning kit, and original packaging. $300, buyer pays FFL fees
  3. W

    WTS WA  Glock 26 Gen 4 w/streamlight TLR-6 - $600

    Glock 26 Gen 4 "baby Glock" - $600 Lightweight, reliable, durable, compact. In great condition. Put ~500 through it. No issues. Comes with Glock hard case Modular hand grip components 2 standard mags 2 fixxxer grip extensions Streamlight TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Light/ Red Laser (~$100) You...
  4. N

    National  List of police chiefs that oppose national CCP reciprocity

    I'm just regurgitating this from another forum if you don't want to click on the link. "The International Association of Chiefs of Police wrote a letter to Congress opposing the National CCW reciprocity bill. At the bottom of the letter, the list of names of all who signed on to it is there."...
  5. The Heretic

    Walther CCP Recall

    <broken link removed> RECALL NOTICE: Walther CCP Being Recalled Due To Drop Safety Issues - The Firearm Blog
  6. Vierings

    WTS WA  Walther CCP Stainless 9mm edc set up

    Have a medical bill to pay so it has to go. Lots of holster time, stored in holster while not carried. Roughly 500 rds through it. Comes with 4 mags, Galco KingTuk, double mag pouch, as well as original box and contents, take down tool, gas chamber brush, cable lock, etc. Asking $350 make me an...
  7. T

    WTS WA  Walther CCP Stainless Slide

    Got a new EDC, so looking to sell this one. Has approximately 500 rounds downrange and looks immaculate. Thoroughly cleaned after anytime it was fired. Carried in an all leather holster it's its entire life. Original box and all original accessories will be included. (Both mags, cable lock...