Bond, bonds, bonded, and bonding may refer to:

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  1. ATCclears

    Other State  Texas blocks big banks from Muni bond activity due to their anti-gun stance

    It turns out JPMorgan is not alone. As we noted below, the new Texas law is hitting all the bulge bracket, virtue-signaling banks. Bloomberg reports that since the Republican-backed law took effect on Sept. 1, neither Bank of America, Citigroup, or JPMorgan has managed a single municipal-bond...
  2. Hedrin

    Boberg Arms library

    I was looking through some old drives and found a group of files related to the Boberg Arms XR9-S, XR9-L, and the XR-45-S. Don’t remember where I got them (Boberg Arms forum?), but I didn’t find them anywhere now after using a Google search, apart from one sketchy link to a manual for the XR9-L...
  3. K

    Own a Bond Arms Bullpup?

    If you own a Bond Arms Bullpup in Washington State I'd like to talk to you. I make a wallet holster for the Boberg XR9S and need to see if it will fit the Bullpup too, and I don't want to buy a Bullpup just for that purpose. I can come to you, and if the original for the retainer needs...
  4. clearconscience

    Other State  Syrian Citizen shoots friend in internet game while on bond

    Houston teen shot dead during internet gun challenge: police Soooo much wrong with this, Syrian citizen Somehow gets out on bond for aggravated robbery Shoots friend in brain dead internet challenge Hopefully more of his homies do the same.
  5. Hedrin

    Three transitional Boberg / Bond 9mm

    I am a great fan of the Boberg design of firearm and own several. For those who don't know, last year Bond Arms bought Boberg Arms and Bond plans on reissuing it under their own name of the Bond Bullpup. A number of design changes are planned, including coating the barrels and locking mechanism...
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