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Bond Arms Inc. is an American firearms manufacturer located in Granbury, Texas which makes derringers.

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  1. K

    Own a Bond Arms Bullpup?

    If you own a Bond Arms Bullpup in Washington State I'd like to talk to you. I make a wallet holster for the Boberg XR9S and need to see if it will fit the Bullpup too, and I don't want to buy a Bullpup just for that purpose. I can come to you, and if the original for the retainer needs...
  2. LuckySG

    Something patriotic that goes bang! Bond Old Glory Black $575

    SOLD *** I could not pass on this one from Bond Arms when Davidson's offered a deal for the 3.5" Old Glory in .45 Colt/ 3" .410 shells. It has a very comfortable heft in one's hand (22 ounces) and unlike some other brands that make derringers this has beautiful and tight tolerances. Of course...
  3. CountryGent

    Bond Arms in .410-bore?

    From time to time I have considered setting up a derringer of some kind for the specific purpose of dispatching vermin and snakes. We have a .38 snub that can be loaded with shot cartridges, but it is usually load with slugs when I holster carry it. There is also a .410-bore SxS that I...
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