BGC Partners is an American global financial services company based in New York City. Originally formed as part of the larger Cantor Fitzgerald organization, BGC Partners became its own entity in 2004.

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  1. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  HB 2546 BGC tax deductible

    Makes your Oregon Background Check tax deductible Creates credit against personal income tax for cost of criminal history record check required by state law for transfer of firearm. Creates subtraction from taxable income for mileage for travel associated with criminal history record check...
  2. CountryGent

    Wonder how widespread knowledge of SB 941 is?

    The other day I handled the background check and transfer of a new hunting rifle for a local fellow. The OSP FICS site was taking its sweet time to approval, so we chatted about various things like family, guns, hunting, etc. The customer was a retired Marine, avid hunter, and seemed generally...
  3. Alexx1401

    BGC Law and selling.

    This is just a FYI kind of thing for those who want to sell here now with the new law. Selling a PCC. Buyer wanted and set a meet. First thing that happened was shop when walked in wanted to know "did you set an appointment?". Said no, buyer wanted to use you. So he has CPL and gets delayed...
  4. W

    Washington  Proposed legislation for CPL BGC exemption

    I recall a thread somewhere about proposed legislation in WA that would exempt CPL holders from background checks during a purchase. I have been searching for a while and can't seem to locate the thread or the bill number. Can anyone lend a hand?
  5. R

    BGC purchase limit on handguns

    I just did my taxes and decided to spend my return in the most American way possible.... more guns! I'd like to get a pistol in .22 and one in .45, and am looking through the classifieds. Then I realized buying multiple handguns in a short period of time might for some reason raise some red...
  6. etrain16

    CT Gov. Proposes Huge Fee Increases on Gun Owners

    The Governor of Connecticut, Pete Malloy, a hater of all things 2A has proposed his new budget for 2017. The state is suffering from a huge $3.6B deficit (possibly partially due to gun laws driving gun manufacturers out of the state? :rolleyes:). So to help combat this, he decides to take his...
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