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The Governor of Connecticut, Pete Malloy, a hater of all things 2A has proposed his new budget for 2017. The state is suffering from a huge $3.6B deficit (possibly partially due to gun laws driving gun manufacturers out of the state? :rolleyes:). So to help combat this, he decides to take his extreme anti-gun agenda even further:

As part of his budget, Malloy is proposing to increase the state portion of the pistol permit fee from $70 to $300. He also is proposing the cost of the initial 5-year pistol permit fee from $140 to $370.

The increase in fees for gun owners will bring in another $9 million to the state annually, according to the governor's budget estimates.

Additionally, Malloy is proposing to increase background check fees from its current $50 to $75.

That increase, the governor's budget estimates, would bring in another $2.6 million annually to the state's coffers.

So, quadrupling the CHL/CPL license fees and jumping the BGC fee from an already ridiculous $50 to $75 is meant to curb the budget shortfall?? B.S.!! At the best, they could raise $10M by their own estimates, a minor drop in the bucket compared to their deficit. No, this is just another swipe at gun owners - gun owners who have, to date, refused to comply with their mandatory registration laws. Last estimate I saw was at least 85% non-compliance.

How much longer will gun owners across the country tolerate this kind of abuse of power and denigration/restriction of their rights??

Full Article Here: Malloy budget sets huge increases for Connecticut gun permit fees
What better way to insure that only the well-heeled elitists be armed.
Can Oregon and Washington be far behind?

They can't force compliance with the registration law, they just don't have the means to do so. These are two areas where folks don't have much recourse - if you want to carry, you'd better have that permit if you don't want to end up a felon, and you can't exactly get around BGC's unless you're doing under the table private sales. He knows he's got most gun owners here - and I think it's punishment for the huge rate of non-compliance with his ridiculous registration.

And no, I don't think OR and WA are far behind, unless the tide starts turning more in our favor. There are some inklings that could be happening, but it may be a while before we know if it's broad and sustained.

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