The PTR rifle is a family of modern, American-manufactured, semi-automatic rifles based on the Heckler & Koch G3 battle rifle. These rifles are produced by PTR Industries, Inc. of Aynor, South Carolina for the law enforcement and civilian markets in the United States. The abbreviation PTR stands for "Precision Target Rifle."

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  1. mrchris

    PTR A3S/109 (PTR91/HK91 clone)

    I've managed to win quite a few guns in my life. This one from a raffle back in August. Then last week from another raffle won an EoTech Vudu LVPO scope. This scope had the reticle and BDC setup for .308 so it got put on the PTR. I just had back surgery a couple weeks ago so it will be another...
  2. L

    $1.35 CETME, HK91, PTR91, C308 mags

    Stack 'em deep folks. 300+ orders are $1 per mag. Shipping was steep but absorbed by the low mag cost. C308 and CETME 20rd Surplus 308 Magazine, VG, Used. I contacted J&G and asked to confirm fit and they said they should work in all HK91 patterned guns. Some others and I did a group buy...
  3. nehalemguy

    Well.......I kinda changed it.

    This............ now this.
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