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DMR Books is a Chicago-based small publisher active since 2015. The press was founded by D. M. Ritzlin. It is primarily a paperback and ebook publisher specializing in "fantasy, horror, and adventure fiction in the traditions of Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, and other classic writers of the pulp era."Authors whose works were returned to print by DMR Books include Poul Anderson, Clifford Ball, Nictzin Dyalhis, Edmond Hamilton, A. B. Higginson, Thomas P. Kelley, Henry Kuttner, Tanith Lee, and Manly Wade Wellman. Contemporary authors published by DMR include Howie K. Bentley, Gael DeRoane, John R. Fultz, Schuyler Hernstrom, Matthew Knight, Harry Piper, D. M. Ritzlin, Byron A. Roberts, and J. Christopher Tarpey. Its books have featured cover art by Allen Anderson, Hannes Bok, Louis Braquet, Margaret Brundage, Bebeto Daroz, Virgil Finlay, Lauren Gornick, Martin Hanford, Robert Gibson Jones, and Brian LeBlanc.

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