In the United States of America, a backcountry area in general terms is a geographical region that is remote, undeveloped, isolated, or difficult to access.

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  1. gesasky

    Best backpack for the money?

    As a new Elk/mountain hunter, I am looking to purchase a good multi day pack that I can haul meet out with. What is the best pack I can buy for the money and what features should I look for? External or internal frame? Since my budget is pretty tight I guess I really need to know what to look...
  2. gesasky

    OnX vs GPS

    Has anybody had experience with the app here? Is it worth using the GPS with the OnX chip or does the app suffice? Can the app be used reliably when no cell phone coverage is present? What are the major drawbacks to each system? Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. OregonTank

    Old Vs. New - What is the better bear defense?

    Recently I have been tossing around the idea to get a new firearm for a bear defense gun. I'm moving onto a heavily wooded ranch and there is talk of a very large and very curious black bear on the property, so naturally I'm using it as a partial excuse to buy a new firearm. There's a lot of...
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