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ONX-0801 (BGC 945) is an experimental drug that has been developed to target ovarian cancer. It is an alpha-folate receptor mediated thymidylate synthase inhibitor.
ONX-0801 was originally developed by BTG and the Institute of Cancer Research in the UK, and subsequently licensed to Onyx Pharmaceuticals for clinical development. It is designed to selectively target tumour tissues of certain kinds of cancer. It is poorly absorbed into most cells, but is actively transported by an enzyme α-folate receptor (FRα), which is usually only expressed at low levels in the apical membrane of some specialised tissues, but is expressed at much higher levels in some subtypes of ovarian cancer. This causes the drug to accumulate selectively in tumour tissues, while healthy tissues are only exposed to a much lower concentration.
In 2017, it received press coverage following the successful completion of a Phase I clinical trial.

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  1. snarlingdog

    Is onX worth the year subscription?

    Land has been changing hands a lot in the last 10 years around my hunting spots. Would onX be worth it? I have no experience with it but am curious. What are your thoughts?
  2. gesasky

    OnX vs GPS

    Has anybody had experience with the app here? Is it worth using the GPS with the OnX chip or does the app suffice? Can the app be used reliably when no cell phone coverage is present? What are the major drawbacks to each system? Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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