1. 3MTA3

    Animal Crack - What Is Enough Justifies A Fur Baby Sellout?

    My dogs are as loyal as dogs can be, but I suspect they would sell me out for a spoon full of peanut butter. In your opinion or experience what is the strongest form of animal crack?
  2. raindog

    What animal is this from?

    This isn't a Northwst-specific question but I'm from the Northwest and perhaps someone here knows the answer. I just spent a glorious week hiking in the Bighorn Mountains of northern Wyoming. At about 8000'-ish feet I came across this jawbone. What animal do you think it's from? My guess is...
  3. The Heretic

    ‘Cheetah’ in Portland yard prompts call to police, turns out to be life-sized stuffed toy animal

  4. 2gr8dgs

    Question about animal scratches/marks on a tree.

    So a family friend want's to know if these might be cougar scratches on his property. These were taken today. there were 2 other places on the property that had similar marks on trees. He has came across a partially eaten deer on the property. there has been a cat sighted by at least 2 people in...
  5. ZigZagZeke

    Dangerous Animal Protection

    I remember a discussion here a while back that centered on personal protection against large predators while hunting. It sprang up from the deaths of a few people due to grizzly attacks, particularly while field dressing game. People were talking about something with grizzly stopping power...
  6. H

    Farm Animal Feed As An Emergency Human Food Source?

    This is related to the excellent food shortage post due to regional farm flooding. We understand that cheapo big bag crunchy dog food in a severe food shortage or emergency situation might be acceptable as an emergency food source. You are looting the store. Only have time to grab one big...
  7. druiseeker

    Real world animal threats

    What animal encounters have you or someone close had that made you need/want a firearm? I've had a couple I'd like to share. Freaking scariest was working in a basement crawlspace of a friend in NC and encountering a water moccasin striking at my headlamp/helmet out of the dark. I don't think...
  8. IheartSig

    Whats the most despised, worthless, freely huntable animal in Oregon?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if you could share your opinions on what the most invasive, destructive, annoying, universally despised animal that you can hunt in Oregon is? What animal are we actually improving the area by removing? And why? -Sig
  9. Charlie the Charmer

    Charlie the Charmer

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