Aloha (pronounced [əˈlo.hə]) in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. Since the middle of the 19th century, it also has come to be used as an English greeting to say goodbye and hello. "Aloha" is also included in the state nickname of Hawaii, the "Aloha State."

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  1. tombeetwo

    Newbie to Forums, Aloha

    Born on Is. of Maui, also lived on the Big Is. of Hawaii in Kona, and Is. of Kauai in Poipu/Koloa. Went thru a hurricane there in Kauai on Thanksgiving Day '80. Moved to Mountlake Terrace, WA. in Aug. 1988, been here since then. Basic training in Ft. Ord Cal Jul'68. with the 13th All Hawaii...
  2. RicInOR

    Beaverton / Aloha - Shooting

    Sounds like suicide by cop in the early reports. Could be a bad trip. I used to live 1/4 mile from the site. I now live about 15 blocks away. Lots of new high density housing has gone in, in the past decade. Fatal Police Shooting In Beaverton | News Radio 1190 KEX The brown house in...
  3. bolus

    Washington county sex offender notice for aloha area

    For those of you who live in Aloha. This seems to be a pretty significant failure of the justice system if the psychiatric board that released him sends a notice to the sheriff that he is moderate to high risk for re-offending. At least they did not put him in housing that was 5 minutes away...
  4. M

    Aloha from west salem

    Just dropping in from Hawaii and landed in west Salem. Lovin it tho. This is my first time off the rock and have no intention of going back. It's colder than what I'm usually used to lol. But i say it's easier to dress warm than to be hot trying to stay cool.
  5. Buckeyeguy98

    Aloha from Aloha

    Well Beaverton/ Aloha area.
  6. KMtech95

    Heyo from Aloha

    Heyo! First time actually joining a forum instead of just viewing as a guest. Thanks for having me here!
  7. Ttuck

    AK gunsmith in or around Hillsboro, Aloha and Beaverton area

    Hey all i need some work done to my AK. I'm having trouble finding AK gunsmiths in and around Hillsboro, Aloha, and Beaverton area. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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