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  1. Twodogs

    300 BLK , 150gr speer loads

    I've been loading 300 blk for a while both sub and supersonic but have always stayed with 110 - 125gr for supers and 220 -240gr for subs, anyways just was reading that the 150gr speer bullet that is made for the 300 blk is a great bullet and so I bought a couple boxes to try and was wondering if...
  2. pinne65

    Hornsby 308 150gr FMJBT seating depth

    I'm shooting a Remington 700 sps tac. And know I don't need to seat at the cannelure. But I'm just not able to even reach the lands to start backing off. Cases ate 2.005 and the bullets are out so far they look like they d fall out by them selves. I'm testing two loads w IMR 4064, 45.5 & 46...
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