The .44-40 Winchester, also known as .44 Winchester, .44 WCF (Winchester Center Fire), and .44 Largo (in Spanish-speaking countries) was introduced in 1873 by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. It was the first metallic centerfire cartridge manufactured by Winchester, and was promoted as the standard chambering for the new Winchester Model 1873 rifle. As both a rifle and a handgun caliber, the cartridge soon became widely popular, so much so that the Winchester Model 1873 rifle became known as "The gun that won the West."

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  1. Savvy_Jack

    44 Winchester CenterFire

    I discovered that creating a web site is very difficult. With my lack of language skills, my skill level is well below English 101 standards! Well, I gave it my best shot and I don't think it will get much better than what it is. I will still continue to edit and update as I go. A few months...
  2. Savvy_Jack

    Hunting with the 44 Winchester Center Fire Cartridges and the Leveraction!

    I have been pondering real hard how to write this in a "neutral gender" kind of way as well as remain inside the law on rule #4. For the life of me I cannot seam to write in a way that puts folks at ease. The more I write, the more I learn, but a slow learner I am :) Finding that right hunting...
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