So, earlier this morning I, along with her mother and grandfather, walked my daughter to her first day of Kindergarten. It is amazing how they go from the little fragile bundle brought home from the hospital to a school-aged kiddo.

Raising and training up a child is the chief responsibility of loving parents. However, I believe getting the little ones involved with youth-oriented groups can serve as an adjunct. Since it is on my mind, I thought I would toss out there for discussion: what youth groups that focus on practical, real world skills would you recommend? In the past, I would first look to the Scouts, but I am thinking Future Farmers of America would be a better pick in our area. However, I/we are open to suggestions. (I realize my daughter is too young for many groups and certainly so for the ones geared to adolescents, but I was reminded today how fast they grow up.)

P.S. I don't have any first hand experience with youth groups, because we lived so remote, and my father had a strange fear that such groups included political indoctrination. My wife, however, was a Girl Scout and I believe she holds a positive view of her time in said. Granted, that was some decades ago.
There used to be good groups out there. Sadly a lot of them have been tainted by things that I don't agree with. I would have to do some real research if I was in your shoes.

The one thing that you have going for you my friend is that you and your lovely wife are good well rounded people that can teach a lot to your kids.
If I were raising my Boys in this day and age, I would certainly take the time to Become Scout Master before my boys were at the age to become Cubs! This way I would have a better chance of making sure that the boys would be learning the TRUE scouting ideals! Same same for the Girl Scouts, but Da'Smurf would be the one to take that on! Beyond that F.F.A. and 4H would be a good place to be, and also if you have a local Grange, I would see what types of programs they may have! Many farms and Ranches in my A.O. sponsor kids for all kinds of things, mainly through the F.F.A. but also through our local Grange! Animal Husbandry, Wildlife studies, Plants and growing from seed on, ect
Don't know if you have them in your A.O. but Explorer Scouts, Sea Scouts, and C.A.P. ( Civil Air Patrol) are also excellent for young people, especially those that may consider a Military future, but any kid can benefit! Out side of those things, I would be looking at languages and other possible "Home Taught" skills you might be able to find in your community!
My Brother is in the exact same position you are, his Daughter started Kinder-collage today, and she is already learning Spanish from a neighbor who is tutoring a few local kids for an hour a day in the evenings! They also have plans for martial arts and other physical activities planned out for both kids when they get a little older! The 4 year old is doing preschool, and is also learning Spanish, and will be getting some home schooling to help boost his learning early!
Whichever outside activities you decide for your offspring, to assure your child obtains/maintains similar cultural oversight, you and your partner should become active leaders in the activities, e.g., brownies - your partner becomes the brownie leader; if the activity is associated with your religious group - then one of you become the active leader; physical - one of you assure your offspring are not sucked into an activity with a coach with a ‘must win at any cost’ mentality but rather engaged as a skill learning and we play to have fun environment. [nothing is so heartbreaking as watching a child being the last child picked by the group]

Finally, your daughter is 5yo, let her play on her own and discover her own interest(s), of course without social media/tv, etc and go play with her in the sandbox/playhouse/walking in the fields, etc.
Home schooling associations. Youth military academies. Future Farmers of America. Grange. Sea Scouts. Try the NRA youth contacts. The better comprehensive prep schools. Some religious groups. Prepping associations. Yep ... youth CAP., (Civilian Air Patrol) Department Civilian Marksmanship. Various State Guard, (National Guard) groups. Police Explorers Youth Groups.

And certainly the NRA.
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Thanks all for the thoughts, ideas, etc. Much appreciated.

4-H is another one I am starting to do deep research on as I believe they are active here and teach practical skills. They also appear to have a shooting sports program for older youths. Good idea on the NRA youth contacts. I have not fully explored what is available from said organization.

Anyway, thanks again. :)

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