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This is a nice Winchester example. It is a unique transitional SN model with some of the early and later parts. It is an excellent shooter. The trigger is light for a carbine at 5 lbs. I had no problem getting 2" groups at 50 yds. with Korean surplus.
All parts are Winchester and within correct Type range to this SN, except for the barrel. The barrel is a 5-44 dated Inland but it is in the correct date range for this mid 1944 manufactured carbine. It is NOT import marked. The bore is excellent and has a tight ME of 0.5. The SN is 5,674,xxx. Manufacturers made parts for each other during the war effort. I dont know if it came with this barrel but it is possible.

Main parts and Type:
- Stock - T2 high wood, late Win. 4x2 Butt plate and T3 W recoil plate.
- Hand guard - T2, 2 rivet
- Barrel band - T1, 3 spot weld
- Front sight - T1 Win.
- Rear sight T2 Win. Marked H in shield
- Bolt - T2 flat, unmarked but it is proof marked and same finish as receiver. Win. was only mfg. that didn't mark some bolts.
- Trigger housing T3 drilled or T5
- Safety - T3 push Win.
- Hammer - T3 Win.
- Trigger and T2 sear both Win.
- Op. Slide - T6 Win.

Included are:
- 4 Winchester BW code 15 rd. magazines
- GI mags pouch
- mid war D type GI sling
- Winchester IW code oiler
- 1944 dated muzzle cover

I'm going to list this locally for a while before running it on Gun Broker. Winchester are hot sellers on GB. Don't wait if you have been looking. I expect this to bring my listed price or higher if I list it on GB.


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