Where to buy cheap Com Block Ammo in the Mid-Willamette Valley

Aero Denezol

Does anyone know where I can buy cheap 7.62x39, 7.62x54r, and 9x18 Mak in the Mid-Willamette Valley? I'm talking steel cased stuff: Surplus and/or Brown Bear, Tula, Wolf, etc.

Sometimes I get a surprise opportunity to visit the range and don't have time to order online. Paying $8 a box for Wolf 7.62x39 at Dick's or $21 for 9x18, just doesn't sit well with me, especially when it's half that online.

Surely somebody up here is also ordering spam cans and/or bulk ammo at reasonable prices!

Thank you shooters in advance,


The prices locally are near equivalent to ordering online so I just buy mine online when stocking up on other calibres. 880r of x54r for 144+shipping=local ammo costs(not factoring in travel time and gas usage).
I buy 100% of my 7.62x39 online and have another 1120 rounds coming tomorrow. I am very happy with AMMOMAN out of NJ and am currently getting 1980's manufacture, brass, berdan primed Yugoslavian on strippers for my SKS's. It is really beautiful looking stuff and appeard to have been stored correctly. They never charge for shipping and I have bought Wolf from them as well. Prices have ranged from 18 to 24 cents/round. The current shipment was 20 cents/round and came on strippers. It's not the 10 cents it was when I started shooting this caliber but is a whole lot better than retail. AIM SURLPUS sells the exact same allotment but they were sold out when I checked last week.
I haven't shot any of the Yugo yet but plan to this week and will let you know how it shoots if you contact me.
If you still can't find any local try looking here gun-deals.com - User-Submitted Gun & Ammunition Deals The Armory has the best deal going for Yugo/1120rds on strippers but shipping to the northwest will be a killer from where they are in Virginia Beach. You could try Sam at SGAmmo.com | Family Owned and Operated, Stillwater Oklahoma for the other calibers. He just got a shipment of 7.62x54R/880rd Russian mil-surp crates for $139.50 and $26.00 shipping. He has some great deals and flatrate shipping. Tomorrow or Friday he's getting 640rd tins of Ulyanovsk for $125.95 and $16.00 shipping. That's 22 cents a round shipped.


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