What affordable digital scale do you recommend for reloading?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by zippygaloo, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. zippygaloo


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    Just looking for an affordable digital scale recommendation for reloading. Thanks.
  2. Pook

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    I recently purchased this model off amazon:
    Amazon.com: American Weigh AWS-100 Precision Pocket Scale 100 x 0.01g: Kitchen & Dining

    I'm very happy with it. Its lightweight and simple to use. Came with a calibration weight as well.

    For the price, I ended up picking a second digital scale off amazon from another company:
    US Balance ACE 100 x 0.01g Grams Digital Grain Scale Grain Coin Scales in Silver: Amazon.com: Kitchen & Dining

    I also picked up a calibration weight set:

    Both digital scales work great. I like making sure my powder charges are consistent by weighing them against 2 different scales and having the calibration weights to make sure my units are measuring correctly. For the cheap price of $12-15 per scale, picking up a second digital scale is worth it for the extra piece of mind. When it comes to reloading, you can NEVER be too safe :thumbup:
  3. deadshot2

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    I guess it depends on what you consider "Affordable". To me it's the best, and most accurate, that fits in one's budget.

    While the $12 scales are really attractive, I've found that most are lacking in sensitivity, stability, and durability. If one has one, and it works, great. I recently bought one for about 10 times that price that not only is accurate and stable, but also shields against static electricity which can make these scales really do strange things.

    Whatever scale one gets, a set of check weights are a must. Not just that calibration weight that comes with the scale, or has to be purchased extra, but actual check weights that allow one to see if the scale is capable of weighing varying amounts accurately rather than at Zero and whatever the cal weight weighs.

    I prefer to calibrate the scale then put check weights on it that are as close as possible to the powder charge I am weighing. For example, if I'm weighing a charge of 45.3 gr, I'll check the scale with 45.5 gr of test weights. I'll add the weights one at a time and see if the scale "tracks" as I add them. A 20 gr weight better weigh 20 gr and so forth up to the total.

    It's all a matter of choice. When it comes to economizing, I'd rather go with a hand cranked trimmer than a scale that costs less than a box of ammo.
  4. mrbook

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    I have seen quite a few good reviews about this scale. Thinking about picking it up myself.

    My Weight GemPro 250

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