What 12GA ammo is or is not legal?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by WristPin, Feb 4, 2009.

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    went to the gun show and found a tale with non lethal, less lethal, and full lethality rounds.

    all 12 GA.

    the full lethal ones are nasty.
    flame throwers, ball mace, ( not pepper spray kind of mace), razor type shredders, tracer slugs, door breeching rounds...

    then some less lethal ones like these cubes that dont penetrate walls.

    maybe the saying goes here, if you have to ask...

    well they sold em there, so they must be but it makes me wonder, cause i would like to buy a lot of these.

    anyone know?
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    Legal, plus the bear jewelry lady is super fun to talk to! I buy those crazy rounds from her all the time, once you purchase she goes on about how when your using debit it goes through as indian jewelry so the ATF doesn't come knockin at your door or something. Ask her why you would need to use some of the stuff as well.

    One story for the engine breaking shotgun rounds was that "them cops" are after you and you have a friend riding shotgun... with a shotgun, and he places one shot into the engine block and blows that mother apart then sends another round into the car igniting the interior and you can get away without getting shot.

    Seriously, thats what she told me to use them for LOL!
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    Cool sounding.

    Brutally expensive.

    Some of these loads even perform as advertised. The less-lethal stuff certainly has applications though few and far between for a civilian... can't imagine many situations where you'd even be justified be using it (and not otherwise be justified in using conventional ammo/deadly force) and that keeps me from buying any.

    IMO all that stuff like flechettes, bolo rounds and rhodesian jungle shot and dragons breath are just novelty rounds and most are gimmicks. Buckshot and slugs for me - tried and true (and a lot cheaper, even for the the good stuff...).

    By ALL means though, buy some of these rounds and shoot them up, preferably against highly reactive targets while filming and subsequently posting the video, but.... don't lay in a supply of the stuff for serious work, IMHO.

    Gotta love that table at the show... personally I'm amused by the assorted... what does she call them..? I forget... NOT "man traps" (but we all know....) - they're various tripwire fired ammunition holding doodads... Now there's a legal gray area...
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