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Wife and I plan to drive up to SeaTac airport area in the summer to visit her sister. Travel plans include sightseeing in ID and UT. I believe TX CHL is honored in those states, and not in WA. What is the best precautions when entering WA state line, follow the federal requirements when traveling interstate? Are there WA specific statutes that I need to be aware of?

Pre-pandemic we visited the grandkids NOVA, I never worried about carrying as we have reciprocity with all the states on the way up. Of course I avoided DC. On our trips I usually have the 5.7N, and AR carbine or AR pistol. Most likely these would be the weapons with me going up to WA.

One of the reasons I am asking about WA restrictions so I can decide which vehicle to take. My truck has Truck Vault drawers the length of the bed to store weapons and ammo separately. It has a cap for other storage. Probably a good option or her mini van.


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A Utah permit is honored in .Utah permits are cheap and Is honored in many states Utah is. very 2A friendly from my experiance. P.S. don't leave firearms in your rig . Thieves are a protected class in king county
At the very least, do not leave anything within view within the vehicle, especially in the cargo area. The one time I had something stolen from inside a vehicle, it was in Orygun and it was a toolbox in view within the the bed that had a canopy on top of it - even though the canopy was locked; they simply smashed the window and grabbed the toolbox. This would be especially true in the Tacoma area.

I would add privacy tinting to the windows of your canopy so they cannot see inside, preferably a film that helps keep the glass together making it harder to break. In Orygun tinting the windows behind the driver area of an SUV/van or pickup are allowed such that it is difficult to see into that area. The idea is any vehicle that may be carrying cargo in that area allows such tinting. WA state has similar laws.

An alarm system would be good too - IMO.
TX USED to be honored here IIRC.
Sad, TX honors WA permits, but not the other way around. I wonder what are the reasons for the government officials' refusal to reciprocate.
Because Ferguson is a dickcheese who looks for any trivial reason their laws differ from ours that he can twist into a "Nope, not 'Substantially Similar' enough"... we need an initiative to make us Universal Recognition.


My parent's travel from Idaho to AZ every year since they are snowbirds. Dad has plenty of firearms he brings with him and I know he travels the last 100 miles or so in CA.

Surely he is doing so in violation of CA laws. I'm traveling down there this winter and was planning on taking the same route through CA that he does.

This thread reminded me that I need to research whether or not that was a good idea with a P365 on my hip and an AR in a case in the back.


Don't know. Oregon doesn't honor ANY other state permits. :rolleyes:
Kalifornia the same way. I think the left and the right coast from VA on up are in the race to outdo each other as to who is more liberal.

There is a massive spending in TX from dumberg, billionaires from silicon Valley, and clowns from Hollywood to turn our Great State of Texas blue. I pray that never happens. If they were successful, the libs will have a permanent residency on 1600 PA Ave.
Sad, TX honors WA permits, but not the other way around. I wonder what are the reasons for the government officials' refusal to reciprocate.

Texas allows under 21 to carry.


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