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These things are certainly coming along. The way all tech advances suspect it will not be long before some will really be good and cheap. When this thread started and I was looking at some of the take with you battery packs it was impressive how far this stuff has gotten. The UPS I use for the main PC and camera system here is many years old. Not sure how much "life" it still has. Been tempted to buy one of the smaller portable units and just plug it in for that use with winter coming. Figure sooner or later we will have a power outage here. Be nice to have the camera's keep working while I get the genset set up now since I want to see if anyone starts climbing the fences while I am out there running cords.
As a follow up I bought one of these about a week ago:

Damn thing works great as a UPS. Plugged the surveillance camera system into it along with the cable modem. Tested it a couple time by cutting the power going into it and nothing even blinks. System just keeps running as does the internet. Last time I tested it I had the desk top running too and box was saying I had about an hour and half to run till it would be too low. I then tried to test the old UPS I had been using and it was only able to last seconds so it was way past end of its like . Likes this little thing so much I ordered another. For the power it puts out it is surprisingly compact and light. Impressive what they can do with batteries now.

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