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A silencer ban will not stop stupid. There has to be some kind of link in these cases that they can look at to see whay these people do & say before they take action.
There needs to ne swift trials and a quick death sentence for these people.
The reporter asked if Trump thought they should be restricted.

They already are. :rolleyes:
I really hope this doesn't set off panic buying. I'm about to put a Form 1 in the pipeline. And I remember the wait the last time a change in regs (41F) happened. :rolleyes:
I really hope this doesn't set off panic buying. I'm about to put a Form 1 in the pipeline. And I remember the wait the last time a change in regs (41F) happened. :rolleyes:
Ugh, I'm just thinking about the F4 that's in process, I mean heck maybe I should drop another one to get ahead of the queue.
They already are.
Good point however I don't find the following a particularly well thought out statement as a rational for easing restrictions on suppressors.
"I think it's awesome!" the president's son raved, adding that he hopes the use of suppressors would get more "little kids into the game" of hunting.
Jr needs to slap his old man around.

A sitting POTUS should have no legal right to further restrict the rights already restricted in the first place! We have NFA regulation in place already on Silencers ( wrongly I might add) so making another accessory flat out illegal will not only cause immeasurable troubles to those who legally own them, but will also do nothing to stop PEOPLE from killing other people with a tool at hand!
Will this madness ever end, short of a massive quantum shift hard right rudder, restrictions will continue further!
This is all beyond maddening!
The one photo I've seen showed a Hi Point with a home job maglite and washer suppressor..... not exactly "operator" level stuff.
Go on his Twitter and express your thoughts on the matter. He may or may not see it but if it's not there for sure he won't see it. Can't hurt just might want to word it kindly so he just doesn't skip over it. Just a thought I thought I would throw out there.
Was it a legal tax stamped suppressor, or a home made illegal one?

I was wondering the same thing. Everything I've read thus far is that they confirmed he legally bought the handguns, but they haven't determined the legal status of the silencer. If it was on the registry, presumably that would be super easy to check.
So much for any chance of the HPA becoming law, no matter who is POTUS, or whether the 'silencer' was homemade or not. :(

Sad, but true. I'm not even remotely surprised, but, naturally, thoroughly disgusted. National Reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act would have been most wonderful, but even with the House, Senate, and White House in the first two years, they weren't ever going to happen in our present system; regardless of the fact the present POTUS billed himself as, quote, "... a big Second Amendment person." I didn't buy that claim then and I most assuredly don't now. :rolleyes:

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