Traveling with a Firearm

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    The laws of the State, County, or City you may pass thru, or visit, can be much different from those you are used to.

    Read this cautionary tale --

    "“They contact the airline and say, ‘I want to bring my gun with me. How do I do this?’ ” said Martin D. Kane, a criminal defense lawyer in Queens. The travelers are told that the gun must be packed, unloaded, into a preapproved lockbox.

    The visitor arrives in New York and retrieves the gun. No problem there. They see the city, whether armed or with the gun locked away at the hotel, without incident.

    Trouble arrives upon their return to La Guardia Airport or Kennedy Airport to fly home. The visitors repeat the procedure practiced at their home airport, presenting the firearm to a gate agent to be checked. Only this time, the gate agent calls police officers from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which oversees the airports. The gun owners are then placed under arrest."
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    New York and most of the NE are basically a different country, with a different set of rules and a different type of people who not only kowtow to them, but seem to expect and demand that sort of treatment.

    Which makes it all the worse that this section of the country basically runs the whole show.

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