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Leather vs Kydex is 100% holster manufacturer dependent, I'd rather have a good leather holster over a crap Kydex holster and a good Kydex holster over a crap leather holster. I have both and use both depending on the application and see no reason to choose one over the other based solely on the material they are made of.
I'm sure others may have covered some of this and why you may have a lot of different opinions on the matter.

I am not an SME on this subject however, I am an individual who carries everyday. I have carried for quite a while and for various jobs. No matter what works best for me and my daily lifestyle may not work best for others.

First I would ask the question though as of what you plan on doing when caring. Will you be sitting most of the day? Are you going to be traveling in a vehicle? How are you planning to carry ? Do you plan on having one ready to go at a moments notice or Israeli carry?

A lot of people will give you what works best for them. Replies of why you should always carry with one ready to go and Israeli carry is stupid you might as well carry a club. The magic holster that's reduced transition time.

Countless arguments of why you should never carry on the small of your back as if you go down it will be hard to drawl. Appendix carry is plain crazy have too much already going on down

For every answer and opinion of someone you will find 3 that contradict. This topic has been beaten almost as much as what's better 45 or 9mm.

Now a very long rant to finally get to my advice and personal opinion. matter what you decide to go with leather, sticky, Kydex, iwb, owb, appendix, cross draw 3oclock.

I think you get the point , train, then train more. After all that's done go back and train some more. There are several rules and information you will find on this topic.

Just ask yourself what do you feel comfortable with. I really suggest fo in and see what works best for you what fits your pistol and your daily getup. What's the most important to you? Conceal ability, comfort, retention, and then make your decision.

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