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25acp has about the same energy and fps as a .22Long I have no trouble getting a .22Long out of a 28" barrel. Or killing a jack rabbit with one. Some special factory loadings do 1100fps out of a pistol barrel.
Shooting up a stash of .25acp ammo without the shame of owning a Lorcin.
I can do that, too. This one's an all steel Armi.

maybe????? maybe experimental? in the contender if you want it. for whatever reason, someone will make it for you. custom barrel makers like EAB, Bullberry and others.
on e bay today. Thompson center contender 14" barrel chambered in .25acp. what would you use it for? deer, elk, mastadon???? current bid $9.99
It's a misprint in the "Item Specifics", it's actually a .35 RBM.

The bid is up to $174.50 now.

When I was poking around, I did find some people talking about rechambering a .22 to a .25 ACP, like taking a Chipmunk, or 10-22, rechambering it, and converting it into a centerfire. Sounds like a lot of work for a novelty rifle.
It's a misprint in the "Item Specifics", it's actually a .35 RBM.

The bid is up to $174.50 now.

this seller does have 2 ads one for 35 rbm and one for .25acp 1st 35 RBM was corrected to 35 REM has caliber as .25acp. so read all of both ads to get the full story.

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