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The state of Idaho and their idea of change - hope others follow suit

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Cellison, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Cellison

    Cellison Gresham New Member

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  2. Toxic6

    Toxic6 Higher then a PDX hipster (~10,000 ft higher) Active Member

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    Only problem I see with that is it may set precedence in deciding whether the 2nd only applied in reference to "the militia" for future cases....others may cite that Idaho had to make everyone a militia member to guarantee their 2nd amendment rights and therefore the common folk of other states aren't entitled to such provisions as owning ar-15's, etc.

    Still, I am glad at least some states are actually doing something on the pro-gun side. Even if it's just funny dances and speeches....better then proposed/enacted bans other states are rolling out.
  3. jluck

    jluck Really,Really, Close to Newport Oregon 97365 Voted #1 Member

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    I think there will be a bunch of droid "Testing" in Idaho soon.....
  4. Grunwald

    Grunwald Out of that nut job colony of Seattle, WA Well-Known Member

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    I would prefer that states would take the approach that they will use all resources at their disposal to protect their residents against uncostitutional federal law.
    When I mean all, that includes providing legal representation as well as using police force to stop the feds from making unconstitutional arrests.
    I know it will not happen as the feds hold too much monetary leverage over the states thanks to the federal income tax. Uncle Sam the sugar daddy.
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  5. wolfcreek

    wolfcreek Redmond Member

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    This is just a defensive measure to forestall possible disenfranchisement of second amendment rights of folks that fall outside the definition of militia. Just a precaution, I believe other states ate doing likewise.