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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by rusobr2, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. rusobr2

    rusobr2 prineville,or Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    this is my opinion only.........
    this board has become very populated ! i really can't believe how many new members we have.....NWF-- as i found it was an awesome site to visit, cuz most all people lived within a 250 mi. radius !:thumbup:, "chat" & "pm" , and enjoy the company with other members... find shooting areas,discus different types of guns,and some of the "in & out's" of working on them (refinishing & basic teardowns)
    the "classifieds" was an interesting place ! as i could look it over,and kinda figure out what some of my guns might be worth,then go to :thumbup:"firearms discussions" to learn a little bit on how to grade a gun. this board as i found it -- wasn't a board to put up one post, and it being in the "classifieds" ! though there is no ruling on this type of posting -- i believe it falls in the area of "board" ediquitte !!
    if you find that your ad's aren't being answered with any type possitive replys (check your amount of posts,and if you have pics) personally.... i'm not driving a 100 mi. to meet someone that has 50 posts or less !! if all you are doing here is trying to sell guns,then in my opinion only, is "you picked the wrong board"
    in oregon -- there are plenty of sites to just buy , sell , and trade ! now -- please realize, i enjoy each , and everyone here , but i gotta tell ya--i like to do a little sharing of words , before i make any commitment to meet anyone for a gun deal !!
    joey, and the rest of the "mods" have put a lot of time in this site creating a super inviroment for all shooters,hunters,and just "plain folk" enjoying outdoor recreation !
    i'm "62" , and have no idea what a "bubblegummer" is ! i absolutly do know what a "dick head" is though !!

    this is only my opinion....so chew on me , and noone else !!

    thanks for being here.........steven
  2. Mason3379

    Mason3379 Oregon City Active Member

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    I kinda agree, You have to have between 50-100 post on most other sites before you can post an "for sale or trade" ad. Seems more people get on here and the first post is a classified to sell a gun then they are gone.
  3. caden08

    caden08 washougal Member

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    Other forums do the minimum post to sell deal... I hate it. I agree that the site has become populated but that is a good thing! A little friendly competition on prices is a good thing and you too were once at 1-50 posts and people took a chance on you...
  4. chase

    chase Wilsonville, OR Active Member

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    People have to start somewhere, but yes I agree with you on new members just wanting to make a quick sale. Its a great place to converse about the latest gear, ask questions, or just read up on whatever people are posting. The classifieds section can be fun but dangerous, its always tempting to buy a item when its a good deal. The mods have done a great job at making and continue to make this site a great resource for shooters of the not just the Northwest but America too.
  5. sprocket3

    sprocket3 Oregon - Wet Side Member

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    I think it swings both ways. Some people find the site from a classified ad. That's how I found it. A guy had a gun on here and I wanted to send him a PM. Turns out it was sold, but i keep checking and have responded to a number of regular threads. Posted my first classifed today for a scope and just finished a trade with another member for a rifle.

    I would rather cash and carry with local folks then buy something online from one of the national sites.

    Also, a lot of people are leaving one of the big sites in the NW. So that might explain the large numbers of new users to the site.
  6. shibbershabber

    shibbershabber Vancouver Well-Known Member

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    I think that anyone should be able to post in the classifieds, regardless of their post count. With the way things are, who are we to make it harder for someone to sell their guns & gear? How many of us have made purchases from guys with only a few posts?

    I disagree that the classifieds are dangerous. We are all adults here, most of us have been around guns quite a bit and know what we are looking for. I honestly have no sympathy for those who get taken in scams or whatever. We all know how to use the internet and are capable of researching something that we are unfamiliar with. Just as we are all capable of walking away from a deal if we get a bad feeling about the seller/buyer or about the item we are considering. No one is obligated to buy anything.

    We dont need to create a mini nanny state here when it comes to the classifieds.
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  7. Mica

    Mica Eugene Active Member

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    I am a fairly new here my self. I got into reloading and have recieved alot of good advice from folks on here. I like the topics and the folks here seem prety down to earth. I like topics more so than the classifieds my self. I reed through alot of it. I do alot of visiting threads . I dont always comment though. still this is definatly my favorite forum.
  8. hammertime

    hammertime Oregon Member

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    I have bought, sold and traded on this site. I come here everyday to read and learn something from the posts. I am not a big poster because I don't feel I have a lot to add to most discussions. Why limit the newbies and lurkers? There is no gain to anyone else.
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  9. bruzer

    bruzer Grants Pass, OR Well-Known Member

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    Even though I am guilty of posting my first classified today and being a newbie I do understand where your coming from. I belong to an oldgas sight and what seemed to be going on is newbies posting and asking what something was worth. Get all the information for free and then ebay it without giving any of the board members a chance to buy first. That can rub some people the wrong way.
    I did find this site by searching on google for sale items and a classified came up from this site. Had to join only to find the item sold but it got me here.
    I have no idea what a "bubblegummer" is either but as I see it being used more and more I can only guess.
  10. Trlsmn

    Trlsmn In Utero (Portland) Well-Known Member

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    One thing I would like to see changed is to "require" members to state their location IE.. their town and state in their user profile if they place an ad. This one thing will make the ads much more usable, as the OP had mentioned I agree, i just like to deal close to home not 50 miles away and with a location listed in the profile it is easy to see where a seller is located.
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  11. Ligito

    Ligito Oregon Active Member

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    Don't know what a "Bubblegummer" is?
    You guys must be Gen X.
  12. scrappydoo

    scrappydoo Federal Way Active Member

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    Just like any other forum you have to do your research if someone has a low post count. Look at all their posts and you can get a feel for what they're about. A good clue that they're not a scammer is if most of their posts aren't in the classifieds. Scammers aren't going to waste their time posting in other areas of the board. If you're still nervous about the person then start checking other forums for the same screen name. You could also ask them what other forums they belong to and their screen name, then send them a PM on that forum. This is especially important if your having something shipped and you never actually meet the person you're dealing with.

    It sounds a bit stalkerish to do this much research on someone, but it's saved me from losing money to known scammers on other boards. (my experience is mostly with car parts)
  13. pacific keeper

    pacific keeper North Coast New Member

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    Allright , what is the definition of a "bubblegummer" ? I'm 50 and I've NEVER heard that one before ! I also think that anyone should be able to post classifieds as you never know whats going to hit the screen . It could be just what You are looking for !
  14. hammertime

    hammertime Oregon Member

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    From Google

    Bubblegummer has been stabilised over many generations by the breeders at Female Seeds. Originally from Indiana in the USA it was brought to Holland in the 1990s via New England. This is a vigorous plant which finishes in only 8 weeks of flowering. The dense and compact buds are highly resinous with some plants actually turning a pink colour to match that special bubblegum flavour.
  15. Otter

    Otter Oregon Active Member

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    I'm new here but only because I just found this website. No idea how I missed it for so long. I'm a member of several other forums and have used those classifieds a few times. I have some really nice stuff I would like to sell, and it could be your loss if you prevented me from listing because of a low posting count. I would also hate to miss out on a good deal, or something I really want that might be posted by some other member, due to the posting limitation.

    Something that has bothered me is people with one posting count sniping an item I would have liked to buy. I would like to see posting count and membership longivity get priority on buying stuff, but no idea how that would be enforced. As it stands now, first come first served and if you snooze you loose.

    Steven, you mention other websites to buy and sell locally. I aware of very few. Could you post some of the links? I would appreciate that for posting items as well as shopping for stuff.

    A comment on listing the city you live in. I list Oregon only for a good reason and go by a forum name. I don't want people to be able to figure out exactly where I live just by reading a forum. The firearms I own are worth a lot of money, and guns are as good as cash in the right circles. I'd rather not advertise where I live AND the fact I have assets like guns. If you are interested in a buying or selling transaction with me, we can work out the logistics of the trade/sell and I will reveal where I live at that point, but not before.
  16. PDXSparky

    PDXSparky Keizer / Hillsboro Well-Known Member

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    I always thought they were nearly the same thing. Actually, I thought it was the message board software that changed BS into "bubblegum".

    It can take some people quite a while to accumulate 50 posts on a message board, even one they visit daily, so while I am in favor of a minimum post count in order to post a classified, I'd make it a smaller number such as 10.

    I agree, stating your location should be required. At least the state and if you aren't comfortable with naming the city, then at least give some indication as to what area of the state, such as Eastern, Southern, Willamette Valley, Coast, Portland Metro.

    I would also require posting at least 1 photo in a classified add.
  17. deadeye

    deadeye Albany,OR. Moderator Staff Member

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    I also agree with posting actual location as many ads have the question asked in the thread which bumps it to the top, and the answer bumps it again. If local was listed it would save alot of headaches as well as complaints about ads dissapearing off the front page so quick.

    If you are that worried about posting that you live in lets say Albany, how easy would it be to find my house in a city with 60,000 people?
  18. rusobr2

    rusobr2 prineville,or Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    "pdxsparky" -- well-- you did clear up one of my questions ! thanks ! as for the rest -- i did state "it is only my opinion", and me alone out of (i think), 14,000 forum users , is by no means a "quorum"--thats not my job--i still feel my only job is to participate in the forums , and to greet all new members as i were greeted ! basically , i don't care how many posts one has ! i have worked with people in the classifieds with less then 10 posts ,(cuz they have something i want) but they were local (or within 40 mi.),and their fast responses to "pm's" and all, gets an automatic thumbs up from me.......

  19. Redcap

    Redcap Lewis County, WA Well-Known Member

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    I think posting actual location should be a requirement for posting in the classifieds.
  20. PaulZ

    PaulZ Oregon City Active Member

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    A guy puts "Portland Metro Area" then he is in the Couv... no sale possible!
    BTW If you know "Bubblegummer" how about "Whee oot" Assuming it means the same as in 1965