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    I have a ruger sr22, with a threaded barrel on the way.
    I also have a decked out savage 64 ttr-sr with a threaded barrel (savages answer to all the custom semi auto 22lr rifles, like the ruger 10/22).
    Anyways im going to put in for my first suppressor.
    since these two firearms of mine are always hand & hand when i go out (they always come), i wanted to go with a 22lr suppressor that can be designed for both.
    What is everyones input on this, preferences anyone?
    Ups and downs?
    Any input would be awesome, this will be my birthday present for myself.
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    I purchased an Advanced Armament Element 2 from the silencer shop for these reasons. This was my first can....I used a gun trust.

    • Very light and compact compared to other models...did not want a muzzle heavy can
    • Multi -purpose ... I use this suppressor on a Wlather P22 pistol, Ruger 10/22 and a 17HMR rifle ... so it is rated for 17's and 22 magnums
    • Its serviceable ... easy to dissasemble and clean.
    Very happy with it.
    Hope this helps
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    You won't regret your first suppressor, but be aware that once you get your first, you will want more.

    Whatever you get, just make sure that you can easily disassemble it for cleaning.

    I have two .22 cans; SS Sparrow and Spectre II. Both are from silencerco. Why 2 cans? because I have 6 hosts and when shooting with a buddy, it makes no sense to have only 1 person shoot suppressed. I like Sparrow a little more because it is slightly easier to disassemble, but the MSRP of it has gone up to the point that unless you can find a dealer that is selling below MSRP I'd recommend getting the Spectre. It is solidly built to last a lifetime.

    A trust "owns" all my NFA toys. The quietest gun will be a bolt action rifle. Quieter than an air gun when using standard/subsonic ammo. I like my Ruger American .22lr the most.

    Finally, NWFA has s section for this kind of info:
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