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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kimber Custom, Apr 20, 2012.

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    This morning I woke up thinking about spending, investing and wasting money.

    I spent money on groceries
    I invested in healthy food
    I wasted money on fast food

    I invested in reloading equipment
    I invested in an AR
    I wasted money on a GSG-5 (well, trying too anyway)

    I spent money on glasses for my daughter
    I wasted money at the casino

    I've put nearly 3k into my hobby the last few months and while I don't really think I've wasted anything I'm having a hard time dialing it back. I've still got 'extra' cash and a long wish list. When is enough enough?
  2. DinhRose

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    From the sound of it you seem to be doing more investing than wasting. If you bought a firearm at a fair price you'll always be able to break even barring any emergency short selling for quick cash. I am the same way. I get bummed out when i have unexpected expenses come up like health care or automotive repair costs but i feel that i've strucked a good balance between my hobby and my personal expenses. Ironically, I get crazy cheap about the price of strawberry going up a dollar at safeway but $400 on a firearms i probably wouldn't think twice about if it's a good deal. :)
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    Nice firearms can always be resold in a pinch for minimal loss. I've even made money on a few.
  4. kenno

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    Like healthy food and Fast Food your money will eventualy turn to Sh*t
    skip the gambeling
    buy your children some Practicle Clothes, large enough to last a year or two.
    trim back the wish list
    Invest in food, it's the only investment you can eat

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