Small game loads...what are yours?

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    Howdy Pards!

    What are your small game loads? I ask because this country would be shot out of large game in 6 mo.s if the SHTF.
    Here's one of mine:
    336CS Marlin in 30WCF AI, scout scope setup.
    10 grs. Unique, LEE !70 gr. cast or Lyman 311291, oven heat treated (in winter it's a good way to keep warm), CCI=200 Primer any case, with a TP wad (1/4 squ.) & 2 grs. molybdenum (sp?) chassis grease on the wad.
    This load will stay on a quarter in my rifle at 50 yrds. (A squirrels head!).
    Trajectory: on at 25 yrds, 1/2" high at fifty, 2" low at 100 yrds. Has about 600 ft. lbs. at 100 yrds. ( This is enough for deer, but no farther). Good defense load too, even though I haven't had the chance to try it out yet.

    I've used this load on 'yotes: goes all the way thru, only have to sew up the holes. Dogs run about 10-30 yrds. & keel over.

    Sooooo....what's your system?


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