sks not ejecting shells

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    i have a sks that will not eject the spent shell. it will fire one maybe two rounds if im lucky then the spend shells will get caught up. it is a Norinco. not a yugo 59/66. it is on a folding stock w/ fixed mag. thanks for the help.

    its been cleaned. dont know where to go from here. anything helps
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    Is it not ejecting. kicking the spent case out of the ejection port or:
    is it not extracting, pulling the spent case out of the chamber?
    Have someone watch and get their input on what they see.

    Is the bolt completely cycling or does it only come back part way?

    By cleaned- what do you define as cleaning?

    Field strip the gun and check the gas port on the gas tube. you may have a blocked port resulting in reduced gas pressure.

    Did you disassemble the rifle prior to this starting to happen. you may have the recoil spring in backwards
    on Chinese and Romanian SKS's, it DOES matter how you put the recoil spring in. They must go in C-clip towards the front

    That should get you heading the right direction and if you don't have one get a field manual for the SKS. I perfer the loose bound one so it lays flat on my gun bench when i am working on the gun.
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    Did you solve your problem, please?

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