Shooting a DA is like driving a stick shift.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by PlayboyPenguin, Mar 9, 2011.

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    I was just commenting to a guy on YouTube about transitioning from SA triggers to DA triggers. I told him it can be done with practice but I like to suggest people start on DA triggers when they are first learning to shoot. I feel it makes the transition between platforms easier.

    I feel that DA triggers require a bit more discipline and if you learn on a DA you can transition easily to a SA. I used the analogy of "If you learn to drive a stick shift you can easily drive an automatic...but not the other way around."

    Am I way off base here? Anyone else agree or disagree?
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    A DA trigger is a hindrance and a crutch that will never allow a shooter to achieve best performance.

    If it were so wonderful, why wouldn't we see DA triggers on rifles and/or shotguns?

    When I blade at 45 or go urban prone, I need to be quick, accurate, and above all WINNING!
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    The da was designed for the sole purpose of being able to safely carry with a chambered round and being able to quickly draw get on target and pull the trigger without thumbing for a safety or etc... wether you agree with them or not the fact is they work perfectly for their purpose. I will only carry a da now.
    My target pistols are sa/da's. cuz a da only doesn't make a great target pistol.

    PlayboyPenguin. I kinda sorta agree with your analogy. Yes, if you operate one, you should be able to operate the other. No, the practice is not the same. A sa or even an sa/da in sa has trigger creep that you must pull up and then have good trigger control on. Most da's (except Sig) have a fairly beefy da trigger that doesn't allow you to feel the trigger creep before it breaks very consistantly. So, you must learn to have trigger control from the second your finger touches the trigger, not just after the creep is removed.
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    I find shooting DA's to be rather messy and loud. Especially if you don't get a clean shot.

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