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Washington SB5174 - CPL holders must take an approved training course

Well, yeah, cuz that's just common sense, you know with the 600k+ CPL holders... the ones who've been BGC'd and all...causing all that carnage out there...sure, let's make it harder for the good guys.:rolleyes:

But if you open carry, that always goes so smoothly...nobody overreacts or anything:rolleyes:

I have a military 201 file that’s the better part of 4” thick and it’s chalk full of firearms training qualifications.... will that do, Mr. WSP? o_O
Nooo, because your file shows no sign of sensitivity training, which you so obviously need. What they're looking for is more of a social justice warrior than an actual warrior, warrior. Capiche?


SB5174 proposes to modify the language. Click on the link in my original posting, and on the WA State site look at the attached document/PDF with the draft legislation.


Washington is still a "shall issue" state as far as I know. I've been background checked twice now and will be able to renew next month. I just go to our local PD, fill out the paperwork, write a check.
It is shall, I remember when it changed. Even before it went shall, it was a rubber stamp. At least for me and mine. Walk in and one of the things they would ask is "why do you want to be able to carry a pistol concealed". Never knew anyone who got a no. My answer was always "I hunt and always carry a pistol with me for emergency use". Don't know if any got a no by coming up with something bizarre.
In any case WA was WAYYYY ahead of most of the country on this. When I turned 21 I got my first CPL. Few places offered them with any kind of ease. Decades later others started to offer and many to get them passed added some kind of "test". It can still be shall issue and add some kind of test. Will be interesting to see what they come up with when they finally do get that added here.


Ya but can you shoot as fast? See them practicing at TCGC and seems it’s all about speed.

Probably. Assuming they are the same level of proficiency as most cops. Most of what I do is shoot for speed.
This is worse than "we need to pass it to see what is in it"

This is pass it, then let's have the WSP figure out what to turn into law. It passes, then they come up with the actual law.
You are very perceptive! The legislature writes ambiguous laws. The State DOJ staff (unelected bureaucrats) develop policy that advances the agenda often with little direct citizen input and often with parts of policy being written by outside advocacy groups or lifted from other states. All this is then dumped on you under threat of criminality. The more policy that is written, the more it needs help in the form of staff, resources and budgets to administer....and you guessed it, the bigger the bureaucracy or negative head wind you are facing...and if they need more budget then you get the privilege of paying new and exciting fees (read taxes).

You might want to know what this format is called. I'm not sure of the answer..I just call it the California, New York, New Jersey (fill in the blank) Way :s0146:
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