"Rusty Shackleford "...anyone had any dealings with this person ?

large community here,so thought I'd ask.I think I"m being put on ,with a sale I have going.When I agreed to his offer,the emails immeiately ceased.pretty sure i'm getting my chain yanked.

any rep on this guy/gal under this screen name.?
thanks !


You can look up his feedback for yourself if you like. Just go to the members list under the "Rules & Information" tab. It will also let you know if he is online.
He has one positive feedback and know I've seen him post around. Unless he's missed an agreed meeting or isn't getting back to set one, is there a reason emails should keep going back and forth you didn't list?
Yeah sounds like your "jumping the gun" on him. He probably has a life outside NWFA so I personally would give him a couple days to recontact you. Maybe even send him your number so next time he logs on he can call you instead of emailing you asking for it or a meeting place/time thus delaying your transaction that much more. Than again I am an aggressive seller/buyer I make offers and send my number at that time so ppl can contact me asap and make it a done deal. Especially at this point in time seems like you could easily enter a bidding war if you wait too long to seal the deal.
Oh darn maybe not if he last logged on so recently thats just not good business. Keep us informed! If this really is some flake that likes to string ppl along I will be adding him to my ignore list real quick!

BUT if he is just a busy guy like me then no since gettin bent over something so ridiculous although posting something like this thread is a good reason to back out of a deal (whether his intentions where that from the start OR not!)

I know if anyone pulled some crap like this on me I would not buy what their selling! Transactions are between two ppl NOT a community! Please try to resolve any issues between a buyer/seller BEFORE posting a thread that could destroy someones rep.

OP- How long ago did you agree to his offer? A few days ago or last night?
When I agreed to his offer,the emails immediately ceased.
Well last week I kinda did this to a guy. But he had emailed me every 3-4 days.
Do you want to buy it or not? If yes we should be able to get it done in a few emails no?

I got tired of him and another guy "yanking MY chain" and stopped contact with them both.
Then I took the dies to the show and sold it to the first person I asked for 1/2 the cost I was offering it on here

Moral is,maybe he got a offer with out having to make many emails.
Fire Chief: You all could be looking at jail time!
Dale Gribble: Uhhh...My name is Shackleford, Rusty Shackleford, I refuse to speak without my attorny present!
*stands up* I am Mr. Shackleford's attorney Rusty Shackleford, my client pleads insanity!
Bill Deauterive: My name is Deauterive comma Bill, I am also insane!
I like to use Davey Jones at restaurants when they have a waiting list.

When purchasing I never private message anyone unless I am ready to meet at their convenience. The first email will include at least my phone number with text or call anytime. I like to close the deal right away if we agree on price or trades.The seller owes me nothing so I will meet them where ever they are comfortable. Hopefully they will meet me somewhere in between and public that we are both familiar with. I would either have to drive to the store or pay shipping from most web sites any ways.

When I am selling anything, I will get back to someone right away with my contact info, let them know the easiest way and times to get in contact with me, I will close the deal if they are agreeable with prices or trades, then set a time and place to meet up.Or respectfully decline.

There is far to many variables when dealing with classified ads to get upset when a deal falls through, especially through PM, the second least reliable is email, then text, and the most reliable way is still the phone.
I like the episode where Hank tags along on one of his house exterminations.

Dale and Hank are in this big mansion that Dale has a tarp over the whole mansion in which the owners had to vacate for a few days until all the pesticides aired out. For those that do not know a "bidet" is another way to clean your "area" without the use of toilet paper, and it does through pressurized water.

Dale: Would you like to take a spin on the bidet? Ha! Or did you think it was a drinking fountain? ...I did!

Another quote I like by him

Nancy Gribble: I like your tie...
Dale: Thanks! I found it on the ground...

Cotton: The DMV changed the damn eye chart and wouldn't renew my license!
Dale: There are ways around the license problem sir...
Hank: (interupts) Dale this doesn't concern you
Dale: For example, you could put a sail on your car and call it...a boat.
Cotton: Hear that Hank! Gribble's got a clever idea! Go get me a sail!
Hank: Its a stupid idea!
Dale: Well I guess I'm not as clever as you are Hank! I mean I could never think of a clever idea like switching up the eye charts so your dad would fail that test! Geh!
Hank: Dammit DALE!!
Cotton: Ohhhh, looks like we got ourselves a Benedict Arlen! What have you got to say for yourself Boyyy!?
Hank: Its true dad, I did change those eye charts, you should not be driving.
Dale: But he's a war hero! A world war hero! You should let him do whatever he wants!

Dale talking to FBI investigator
Dale: Well should I or should I not know that every Megalo Mart employee has a $5,000 life insurance policy on them?
Investigator: Thats nonsense, this is a straight forward investigation
Dale: Thats what "they" want you to think.
Investigator: Sir...We are They
Dale: Geh!

Hank: Have you slept Dale? You're starting to get that 'County Fair' smell.
Dale: Its finally making sense...Oswald...my mower...Grassy...nole? eh?
Hank: Aw come on Dale, that picture doesn't even look real!
Dale: Well I'd love to live in your "fairy tale" world Hank! But the Fairplay for Cuba committee is retrofitting my mower to power Fidel Castro's one man escape sub!
Hank: Aw...come on Dale Lighten up! Have a beer!
Dale: No Beer...Gotta stay sharp (walks off)
Bill: He's going crazy!
Hank: I think we should give the mower back to him... We're putting extra stress on a structure that wasn't up to code in the first place!

Dale: One shot on the way down takes out the Gribble problem! Then the Cuban Robot soldiers have only Steve Wynn standing between them, and Wichita!


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