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Recommend a 1911


Get a Wilson Combat CQB.
Worth every penny and everything you would want in a 1911.


SA Range Officer Elite. They have 4 models each for 9mm and .45acp (and now 10mm in Operator trim). Sportsman’s Warehouse usually has them for sale.



Posted these elsewhere in here but what the heck, foster frame with mag tunnel and integral plunger tube. New rem r1 slide from numrich, New stainless barrel from classic arms. Disabled grip safety, and the remainder of the parts from my little parts bin.

If I had to guess, I would say, if I bought all the parts, I would be into it about 800 bucks.
Probably about ten hours labor, fitting the slide was work!
Total value about 1200, not bad.
Not selling it, ever.
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Truth is there is no correct answer to this question. There are hundreds of options and all of them are going to be great guns. The real decision is which one has the options you want and is within your price range.

Marine Airedale

"foster frame with mag tunnel and integral plunger tube. New rem r1 slide from numrich, New stainless barrel from classic arms. Disabled grip safety, and the remainder of the parts from my little parts bin."
Sounds about like my mouse rifle, a buddy from work always called it "The Bastard" as we are kind of unsure of its lineage.

Personally though, I would never disable the grip safety. I always carry mine condition one and have never had an issue with getting either safety to disengage when intended. Every 1911 pistol I have carried I put a standard profile thumb safety on. Have never been a fan of the large extended safeties.
I don't understand this post.
Was adding the Leupold Delta a fail ?
I am happy with my decision to have a Custom hand made mount for the Leupold to mate with the R1. I could not afford to start with a new pistol. I wanted a reflex on this gun. The end product is excellent.
The major fault lies in my ignorance in 1911's, mounting systems, and sights in general when I selected the R1 in the first place. Also my lack of foresight in considering future modifications.
In Hindsight: I would have gone with a traditional military spec'd 1911which other than the sight mounting the R1 is very close.
I am not happy having to spend the 300 dollars and 2 months just for the custom designed and machined mount when several 60 dollar or less mounts were available for standard dovetail arrangements fitting many other older 1911's and the Leupold.
The R1 has a unique and proprietary mounting system no aftermarket system would fit. (at the time of my modification)This according to Remington, Leupold and several other optic aftermarket companies I researched. Also according to Brimstone Machining who verified my findings and produced the fine finished product.

capisce, savvy, comprende?
Now minus the front sight


IMHO....and mind you that it's only my opinion. Plus.....I'm old.

"the simple no brainer answer is.........COLT. You pick the configuration you like.


History and resale.

When I think of firearms.........say Civil War?

COLT 1851 or 1860 revolver.

Indian Wars and the Spanish American War?

COLT SAA (Peacemaker, mod 1873)


COLT M1911


COLT M1911A1

Viet Nam?

COLT M1911A1 and M16A1 (AR15 SP1 or AR15-A1)

Desert Storm?

COLT M1911A1 and M16A2 (AR15-A2)


COLT M4 (AR15 Mod#6920)

See how that works?"

Ok....so enough fun. Now a days......If my son were to ask me? I'd say to just get a Springfield Armory. Or an "enchanced" model of the RRA.. Get it in .45 ACP. Stay away from the 9mm M1911A1s (they're just too big and weigh too much for what they are). Sights are your choice: Bo Mar style (adjustable) or the Novak style (fixed).

Note: I grew up when a "factory enhanced" M1911 wasn't a thing. Back then, if you wanted a modified M1911.....you had to build it yourself or have a gunsmith do it. The Ellison sight on a Gold Cup was still something to behold. And, the Wilson catalog for parts was just starting up.

BTW.......my son has owned both a Kimber and a Ruger M1911. But, he still loves my long slide Colt (shot 2700 Matches with it).

Aloha, Mark


I know you're looking specifically for a 1911 but just curious, have you ever checked out any of the 2011s? There are some pretty nifty ones out there. They come in .45 and 9mm often times, allowing you some choice.
Get you a Colt, you won't regret it. Were it me, a used Colt Combat Commander would fit the bill. Stock, except maybe for the sights. (Did that and got the Tee...) Series 70 satin nickle iteration, natch.. Best of the 1911 series in my personal experience.
I have since gravitated to a Glock 21, which I find a superior handling piece in spite of the plastic, with lots more bullets. Have hung on to my last Combat Commander tho, just cuz.


Depending on your budget
Low $$ RIA which is a really good deal BTW
Middle$$ Springfield Loaded Model-- All the features people want
Big $$ Wilson CQB The Cadillac and if there was ever a "Buy once, Cry once" gun this is it


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